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This is the album section. For every c.d. there is the cover (jacket), the titles of the songs, and maybe a little extra info. When you click on the picture of the cd that will take you to the lyrics page. Thanks.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Their newest cd is called "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket." It was released June 12th, 2001. It has the additude of "Dude Ranch" and the sound and hype of "Enema of the State." It is a really good cd. If you don't own it already I advise you to go and buy it! Oh and there are 3 different cds. Each one has 2 different extra tracks.
1.Anthem Part 2 2. Online Songs 3.First Date 4.Happy Holidays, You Bastard 5.Story of a Lonely Guy 6.The Rock Show 7.Stay Together for the Kids 8.Roller Coaster 9.Reckless Abandon 10.Everytime I look for you 11.Give me one Good Reason 12.Shut up 13.Please Take me Home


This c.d. is called "The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show." It has 20 tracks, of their greatest hits. It is live so it has alot of them talking. Actually
it has 29 tracks of just them talking. But it's all good.
1.Dumpweed 2.Don't Leave Me 3.Aliens Exist 4.Family Reunion 5.Going Away To College 6.What's My Age Again 7.Rich Lips 8.Blow Job 9.Untitled 10.Voyeur 11.Pathetic 12.Adam's Song 13.Peggy Sue 14.Wendy Clear 15.Carousel 16.All the Small things 17.Mutt 18.The Country Song 19.Dammit 20.Man Overboard


This c.d. is called "Enema of the State." It is probably their most well-known c.d. It was made in 1998. It has 12 songs. This c.d. features the hits "All the small things", "What's my age again?","Adam's song" and many others.
1.Don't Leave Me 2.Adam's Song 3.The Party Song 4.Wendy Clear 5.Going Away To College 6.Dysentery Gary 7.Aliens Exist 8.All the Small Things 9.Mutt 10.Anthem 11.What's my Age Again 12.Dumpweed


This c.d. is called "Dude Ranch." It has 15 tracks. This c.d. features the hits "Dammit", "Untitled" and "Pathetic."
1.Pathetic 2.Voyeur 3.Dammit 4.Boring 5.Dick Lips 6.Waggy 7.Enthused 8.Untitled 9.Apple Shampoo 10.Emo 11.Josie 12.A New Hope 13.Degenerate 14.Lemmings 15.I'm Sorry


This cd is called "Chershire Cat." It was published in 1995. It is blink182's first official cd. It features the hits "Carosel", and "Peggy Sue."
1.Carosel 2.M+M's 3.Fentoozler 4.Touchdown Boy 5.Strings 6.Peggy Sue 7.Sometimes 8.Does my Breath Smell 9.Cacophony 10.TV 11.Toast and Bananas 12.Wasting Time 13.Romeo and Rebecca 14.Ben Wah Balls 15.Just About Done 16.Depends

Blink 182's C.d.'s

Their first c.d. is called "Chershire Cat."
Their second c.d is called "Dude Ranch."
Their third c.d. is called "Enema of the State."
Their forth c.d. is "The Mark, Tom, and Travis show (the enema strikes back)."
Their fifth and newest c.d. is "Take off Your Pants and Jacket."

Blink 182's Best Songs

"Take off your pants and jacket" has the hit "The Rock Show." My favourite songs are "Stay Together for the Kids", "Story of a Lonely Guy", and "Everytime I look for you."
"The Mark, Tom and Travis Show"-has the hits from all their other c.d.s so I can't really say which is best.
"Enema of the State"-Features the hits "What's My Age Again?", "All the Small Things", "Adam's Song", "Going Away to College" and many others (which are on "The Mark, Tom and Travis Show")
"Dude Ranch"-features the hits "Dammit", "Pathetic", and "Josie."
"Chershire Cat"-features the hits "Carousel" and "Peggy Sue"