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Mark Allen Hoppus...


Important Info

-is the bass player/singer of blink182
-was born on March 15, 1972
-is a pisces
-is 29 years old
-has been married since December 2, 2000
-favourite movie is "Caddyshack"
-has blue eyes
-is supposedly 6'0"
-favourite bands are "Jimmy Eat World", "Fenix*TX" and "Get Up Kids"
-lives in Carmel Mountain Ranch, Ca
-has 2 pet beagle named Ahi and Atticus
-spends his freetime fishing, snowboarding, skateboarding cooking, and playing video games.
-his wife's name is Skye Everly Hoppus

Stuff You Probably Never Knew!

-the best advice his mom ever gave him was "Beleive in yourself and follow your heart!"
-nickname is "Fish guts" because he loves to fish
-if he could go to dinner with anyone he would go with Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons. Mark says "I'd have the filet mignon and he'd have worms and chalk"
-absoultly refuses to eat vegetables.
-loves sushi!
-says the best part about being him is "being able to make a living doing what I love, traveling the world with my best friends, never growing up, and having the label take us out to expensive dinners."
-says his fridge is always well stocked because he loves to cook.
-hates dancing! Mark says "Nothing makes me want to dance, I look like such an idiot when I try.Dancing sucks!"
-has met the Backstreet Boys and he thinks they are actually really nice.
-met his wife while filming the "All the Small Things Video!"
-never leaves home without the stuffed bunny his wife gave him!
-grew up in Ridgecrest, Ca
-went to Burrough High School
-was voted "best hair" in high school
-likes the internet and you can find him in the chatroom
-likes long walks on the beach
-always makes jokes about his weight
-has a nipple ring in his right nipple
-went to junior college (not sure which)
-took "human sexuality" ten times and failed every time, it may have been english though...
-when he got his nipple peirced he cried (who wouldn't?)
-his parents divorced when he was 11 (I think)
-he got his first bass in exchange for painting a house (is this true?)
-was studying to be a English Teacher before he got his big break
-Homer simpson is his hero
-he was inspired to write "Going Away to College" when he saw the movie "Can't Hardly Wait."

*some info may not be correct!
If you have any more info on any of the band members e-mail me!

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