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Stuff you Probably Never Knew


-Adam's song isn't actually about suicide, it's actually about surviving lonliness.
-Adam's song was inspired by a article about a teenager who commited suicide
-The whole band wears J.Crew boxers.
-The band doesn't drink or do drugs.
-Blink182 actually have acting experience. They made a cameo apperances in "American Pie" and the tv mini-series "Shake, Rattle and Roll."
-In the "What's my Age Again Video" they were actually naked.
-They say that always write their songs about love, girls and relationships because they are romantics.
-Before coming up with the name "Enema of the State" they were considering calling it "Turn your head and cough", "Viking Wizard Eyes" (Marks yahoo chat name), or "Boogaloo."

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