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Thomas Matthew Delonge...


Important Info

-is the guitarist/singer of blink182
-was born on December 13, 1975
-is a sagittarrius
-is 25 years old
-is engaged to Jennifer Jenkins
-favourite band is "Menundo"
-says his favourite movie is "anything with Mel Gibson naked!"
-lives in Ericinitas, Ca
-has a pet German Shephard named Grey
-likes to hang out with his girlfriend, snowboard, skateboard and (of course)run around naked.
-has brown eyes (I think)
-his nickname is 'Hotpants'

Stuff You Probably Never Knew

-spent 1 year in Junior College (not sure which one)
-was born and raised in San Diego
-went to Poway High School
-met Mark through his friends
-used to drive a diesel truck
-is really interested in aliens
-likes girls who have a sense of humor and are half intelligent
-played a fast-food employee in the movie "Idle Hands."
-at his wedding "Jimmy Eat World" played and Tom cried when they came out (they are his fav band), and they played that was on the radio on Tom and Jen's first date
-he was married May 16, 2001
-was kicked out of Poway ( I don't know if that's spelt right) High School because he was drunk at school
-got his first job when he was 13
-used to work at Gary's Chicken and Rib in Poway CA
-and he used to deliver cement piping (another old job)
-Rumors say his lip ring is fake...could this be true?

*some info may not be correct
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